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Learn to be yourself by dressing the way you want Society today seminally has become a sea of homogenous beings.Individualism has given way to massproduced cookiecutter thinking in almost every aspect of creative expression.Clothing is probably the best example of my assertion.Almost every culture around the world has given into subscribing to a stringent westernized dress code.Why is their somuch munkeysee, monkeydo when it comes to dressing?Especially men! A couple hundred years ago, before the industrial revolution, people dressed with flair and expression.Sure, societal dress codes existed, but they were very localized and seemed to offer much more diversity than today.For instance, why don't men still wear skirted garments like kilts?Especially in the summer where it's hot.It makes more sense than heavy denim jeans or wool slacks.Think of the energy that could be save in air conditioning costs if men were not compelled to wear a long sleeve shirt, wool jacket and tie when it's 90 degrees fahrenheit outside. My point is, that there is less actual laws(Mostly to do with decency)That prevent you from dressing how you want than voluntary societal rules.Most people worry excessively about what others might think without giving much thought to the consequences.Fist of all, most of the time you just are not going to know what others think when you break out from the pack.Second, why cheappromes should you really care?Actually, i say this because it isn't really about what others think, it is all about your personal confidence that influences more than anything about what others think. Clothing is but many forms of expression.But weddingesglasgow it is an easy area to shed the chains of oppression.Just imagine if you(Men or woMen)Could wear what you felt like wearing without consequence.Wouldn't life be a lot more fun?It's fun to be different.It's fun to be recognized and compliMented for something unique.And it's even better to be comfortable.Maybe for you it's just going to work with a purple striped tie instead of a navy blue or red one.Or maybe you(Men)Are just tired of wearing pants or slacks all the time and decide to buy a kilt.Why not?If your boss cares, then maybe that is a real consequence you need to consider.But, on the other hand, you are not on the job all of the time.So why are you compelled to wear a"Uniform"Off duty? Even though mass retailers have homogenized so much of what people wear, you can still find different and unusual clothing through small specialty retailers and internet sources.Oh, you will find a bunch of weird subculture stuff too, but if that's discount evening dresses australia not you, just skip over those links.Even if you do not desire something really different, at least you can see that you don't have to follow the same fashion rules as everyone else.Everyone has a right to develop his or her own personal style. The most important thing is to learn to be you.Don't let others dictate how you are.Develop the confidence to do what you want.Expressing your freedom of choice through what you wear is a great step in the right direction.You can use the same process to change other aspects of your life as well.Soon you will be telling yourself that you could do anything.And then you will.

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Alaska forum We are finally on our way to denali.The weather has been sunny again, and the mountain is in full view.The drive to denali is fairly easy as the roads are in good condition.The scenery has changed again, and it isn as pretty as some that we have seen.Of course the view of denali kind of makes up for it all. We made only one stop on the way at denali view north to take some photographs.This is a very picturesque spot, and makes for some fantastic photos.Make sure to walk to the top of the trail,(Short walk)To photograph the mountain. We arrived at the park early, and had lunch at the entrance to the park.We are going to spend 3 nights inside denali national park at the north face lodge. Our bus left the station at 1:30pm and we were on our way.Not too far into the trip we saw our first bull caribu.Halfway through the trip we stopped at the east fork river for lunch.North face lodge puts out a very nice picnic spread for this stop. Back on the bus, we continued to see more wildlife.We saw a golden eagle, and a grizzly ichaelordicont bear with her three cubs.Along with the wonderful wildlife, are the unsurpassed mountain views.Polychrome pass did make me a little nervous however, since the drop off was quite steep, and we were literally at the edge of the road with no guardrails.I was at the window seat. We were nearing the end of the 90 mile journey, and our destination was in sight.I had just put away my camera when we rounded a bend and a moose and her calf came into view.Unreal!It couldn get any better than this. We arrived at the lodge at around 8:30 and were warmly greeted by the staff.They had some refreshments for us.As we relaxed with our coffee etc.We were given our room assignments.We decided to retire early ichaeloronlinehop for tomorrow was a new day. Up early today, for the lodge serves breakfast at 7:30am.A bell rings and you are summoned to breakfast.We met the rest of the staff today.Everyone here is extremely nice.All the folks here are from different backgrounds, and have settled in alaska and at the lodge for different reasons.At breakfast we were told of the different activities available for the day.We chose the"Moderate"Hike.Our naturalis guide was named tayler. We started out behind the lodge, and were soon lost to the wilderness.We hiked along and were introduced to the plants that were growing along the wayside.Our guide was very informative and kept up a running commentary on the plants, and on alaska history.Along the path, in a boggy area we saw the tracks of a moose and her calf.We also saw some caribu tracks, and some wolf scat. The wildfloweres here are abundant, and varied.It was very interesting to learn their names and their growth habits. A ground frog was spotted along the path, and we learned that they are a rare sight here in alaska. Walking on the tundra was a unique experience.It is very spongy and wet beneath your feet.It feels like you a walking on a soft matress.We had to climb up a steep hill, throught this tundra, in order to continue our hike. Finally at the top, and out of breath, we got to feel the permafrost beneath our feet.This was another unique alaskan experience. We continued our journey to our lunch destination, which was at wonder lake.We all agreed not to climb another mountain(Really a large hill)To picnic on the summit overlooking the lake.By this time, the entire group was pretty well tuckered out.Lunch at the lake was very nice.Wonder lake is very beautiful.It sits in the valley and is surrounded by mountains that are covered with various leves of vegetation.Lunch here was a very nice respite from the hike. Alas!Lunch was over, and the walk back to the lodge began.We did take the easy route back, and walked along the gravel path to our destination.Along the way we got to see a beaver at work, and some very beautiful wild irises. Back at the cabin we took a rest before our dinner bell rings at 6pm.The dinner tonight was very good.We dined on steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and broccoli.Most of michael kors uk sale the vegetables that are served here are grown in a greenhouse that is located on the property.From the salad that preceeded dinner, to the flourless chocolate cake for dessert, all was enjoyed. We did not attend the naturalist talk tonight, because we were tired from the hike.The naturalist was presenting a slide show on the life of the caribu. Resting for the night was our pick of the evening.All in all another magical day here in alaska. We opted to take the naturalist foray today.This was to be a little less strenuous than yesterday.We will also get to spend some time at eilson visttors center which i am looking foward to. The naturalist foray today was unbelievable.We saw some fantastic plants and animals.Some of the animals that we saw were moose, muskrat, beaver and fox.We also saw anothe grizzly bear. Some of the birds were the american wigeon, ring neck duck, willow ptarmigan(The alaska state bird)And a trumpeter swan. We walked along a short social trail to find a spot for lunch, when someone spotted a bear den.The guide led my husband and i, up the hill to view the den up close.All the others decided not to do the climb.Never in my lifetime did i ever think that i could see and experience this.What a perfect spot for a lunch break. After lunch we went to the eileson visitors center.Here we saw the bear.The bear was walking on the trail that people were using.The park ranges went into action and got everyone safely off the trail. After leaving the visitors center we walked along the tundra to look for wildflowers.The wildflowers grow abundantly in alaska, even though the growing season is very short.We saw 23 different wildflowers in a very short distance.The flowers are of various colors and sizes, and are extremely beautiful. Back at the lodge we readied ourselves for dinner, which tonight was salmon.I opted for the vegetarian dish which was tofu.The dinner was preceeded by a black bean soup, and dessert was a mango orange custard with sauce on top. We did not attend the naturalist lecture series this evening either.The lecture was to be about hunting and trapping in denali national park.We decided to relax and get ready for our 5am wakeup call.Tomorrow we say goodby to the north face lodge and denali national park. Camp denali, and north face lodge are the only accommodations in denali national park with views of mt mckinley.It is 90 miles into the park and is on a gravel road.The lodge is small and can hold about 36 guests. Staying here was like a dream come true.The staff here made everyone feel very much at home.Being able to go out into the alaska wilderness with a trained naturalist was beyond my wildest dreams.The sights, the sounds, and the smells, will forever be imprinted on my mind.This is the real alaska.

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000 Ralph Lauren Bag Other Fashion Heists PHOTOS But.If you did have to lift something from a nearby store, wouldn't it be a $25, 000 crocodile handbag?The new york daily news is reporting that a"Chic, welldressed thief"Lifted a pricey animalskin bag from ralph lauren's upper east side store back in february and the police are still on the hunt. While the thief remains at large(Probably because she blends in so well on those upper east side sidewalks), she joins the numerous other women(And men)Who have aimed their sticky fingers home on the most expensive of items. From former model beata bohman snatching a $11, 000 fur scarf to winona ryder's infamous saks fifth avenue haul, here's our roundup of high fashion heists. Click here to leave a comment. Huffpost high school welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate ralph lauren polo shirts in the comment section. Post ralph lauren mens shirts commentto reply to a comment: Click"Reply"At the bottom of the comment;After being approved your comment will appear directly underneath the comment you replied to. What is hardest to believe is how any respectable business owner on the upper east side, let alone a wellknown designer, doesn't have hightech security cameras focused on every surface to catch these things? True, salespeople can't be everywhere at once.And someone who looks/dresses like cheapralphlaurenuk an upscale ues citizen would seemingly pose little to no risk on a salesperson's radar, but look what happened?They got beat at their own game by the demographic they so willingly cater to.If you're selling a highlydesired product in an upscale part of town, wouldn't you take more precautions to make sure you didn't get ripped off?Just saying.

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Fur suede boots connected articles Cl toundra coyotefur trimmed christian louboutin france suede ankle boots grey December (More Here) 16, 2012 The style in the sneaker is likely the motives why it can be so well-Liked.Should you have a appear in the ultimate 81, you can be acquiring a shoe that may be like art on the feet.The colorways that are christian louboutin boots sale are awesome, the costs are a few of the lowest as well as of all there exists free shipping.Take a appear now!Onitsuka tiger ultimate 81 chrioutinchaussurespascher shoes silver/red by asics, this s.New style ugg bootsdurability and soft October 29, 2012 If you have been informed about ugg boots and shoes, there is a likelihood that you are conscious that this enterprise focuses on sheepskin.They just do not just place any sheepskin to use, however, but solely the greatest good quality twinface range.This can be a material which incorporates sheep fur around the 1 hand and sheep fur on the other half, which is exactly where the"Twin face"Name arises from.Lots of sheepskin shoes, boots together with other merchandise manufactured by other escarpins louboutin soldes programs are suede on one side, which is significantly less soughtafter and less expensive.New style ugg bootsamazing footwear!Best footwear. (Study additional)

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How to get your money back You can get your money back even if you are the one who made the bad judgement call by ordering from a shonky website. Websites that sell counterfeit goods are often impossible to contact once they've secured your cash, so getting a refund from the seller can be difficult. But internet fraud watchdog chairman ken gamble said customers can get their lost money back from their bank or from the service that processed the payment. Customers can dispute their transaction with the bank under credit card regulations regarding counterfeit products. "A customer can file a dispute over a payment and some of the banks will actually refund money once it's investigated if it's found the consumer genuinely has lost their money because of something that was out of their control,"Mr gamble said. "The commonwealth bank is one of them. " Mr gamble said the police and the department of fair trading can't do much to help consumers who have bought fake goods from overseas. "It certainly will get investigated but as soon as they find out it's an overseas website there's really nothing christian louboutin shoes sale they can do,"He said. Michaela bryan bought a pair of what she thought were christian louboutin shoes online after first emailing the seller to check they were real. "From my perspective it seemed like it was genuine,"Ms bryan said. But when christian louboutin pumps for cheap the shoes arrived they were obviously fake. "There were crap quality, they smelled funny and the [christian louboutin signature] red sole looked like it was painted on. " She asked for a refund and when the site would not give it to her she was able to file a dispute resolution claim with paypal the service she used to pay for the shoes. The process"Took a while"And she had to send photos and destroy the shoes, but she was given a full refund. "I think it's quite generous [for paypal] to actually assist with that.If you look at it logically there's a reason why it's cheap it's not real,"Ms bryan said. Paypal spokesman adrian christie said if shoppers receive items that are"Significantly not as described"By the seller they can get money back from paypal. "And that stretches across to counterfeit goods,"Mr christie said. "It always depends on the item and sometimes we will ask for documentation from qualified third party to confirm its fake. "Sometimes we ask you to destroy the item and provide evidence, because it might be illegal to possess the item and selling is illegal so we want to take the buyer out of that equation. " Customers have 45 days from the day of purchase to lodge a claim with paypal, mr christie said.If the dispute is resolved in their favour, paypal will reimburse the customer before chasing the seller of counterfeit goods for the money. "It helps us clean up and make sure our cheapchritianlouboutinhoe payments network is very healthy, and gives customers knowledge that you'll be secure in your purchase should something go wrong in the transaction,"He said. A commonwealth bank spokesman said it investigates all claims made by customers against transactions processed to their credit cards under regulations issued by chritianlouboutinoutlet mastercard, visa and american express. "While we follow the above codes and regulations, when a claim is initiated we ask the customer a series of questions about the claim and may in certain circumstances require documentation to support the claim such as receipts, emails from the merchant or copies of any agreement entered into with the merchant,"He said.


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Kolkata fashion partyesonlinesale week features ritu kumar Kolkata, sep 11(Ani):Ace designer ritu kumar presented her collection on the first day of the star studded kolkata fashion week. Kumar opened her collection in black and gold with intricately worked garments giving the feeling of what could be described as india's version of wedding dresses sale australia minimal dressing. The line consisted of silhouettes, which were equally varied and portrayed the hugely skilled craftsmanship and the designer's repertoire in evening gowns, chogas, long tunics, kutchi gathered coats worn over divided loose pants to give a kaleidoscope of images. She felt that there was recession in the fashion business and there will be a shakeout. "The recession of course is there and i have a feeling that there will be a shakeout and a lot of people will stop being in the business and a lot of people will partyesonlinesale survive.But this happens cyclically and it's nothing new,"She said. The surprise element of the show was that it interpreted the indian aesthetic but this time in coats, trench and bomber jackets, all trimmed with leather and worn with tights and boots.

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Know yourself how to cheap michael kors choose ladies winter coats When it comes to choosing ladies winter coats, it is not just about getting a coat that you think looks pretty;But in fact, it takes a few other considerations to get the perfect one.Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing one. Before you jump into the browsing of ichaelkorswatchessale any catalogues, you should make a list of things you will want out of your winter coat.You could prefer one with zips instead of buttons, long instead of short, or even has a hood with it.Note down such details that you will want so that you will be able to easily narrow down your options. Next would be to think about the type of style you would like to create.Believe it or not, ladies winter coats can actually attract certain impressions over you, whether it is professional, sluggish, cool, elegant, or so on.If you are unsure what type of style you lean towards, take a look at your wardrobe to see what type of clothing you are likely to wear during winter, and plan towards that style. Of course, the climate conditions would affect the type of material used for the winter coat as well.In some places, winter is only cool, so there is no need for too thick a material.On the other hand, there are some places where the climate is really harsh, which would only be practical if a much thicker coat was chosen.It is important to choose one suitable for the climate because it can help you sustain your health.Plus, without good health, you might just be stuck at home without the chance to flaunt your new coat. Finally, once you have completed your planning, you can go on and begin your shopping.Look at catalogues for options or head straight to the mall on search of one that fulfils your criteria.Do of course stay within budget, and you would have a lovely winter ahead of ichaelkorsukwebsite you.